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Mergellina station is the closest railway station to molo Beverello and can be reached by taxi in a few minutes. Taxis are also the ideal form of transportation for those arriving at Capodichino airport. Choosing this option offers the additional advantage of being able to see unique panoramas such as Capri, Vesuvius, Ischia and the whole of the Sorrentina-Amalfitana coastline.

Boats departing from molo Beverello stop at Positano as well as at Amalfi.
From Positano you can reach us by taking a water taxi which charges Euro 30,00. Our hotel is only 50 meters from the landing-stage. Our management will reserve water taxi services for you with pleasure if you request us to. Alternatively, we don’t recommend that you disembark at Positano, as the distance from the dock to the main road is over 500 meters. Covering this distance on foot with all your baggage would be very tiring. Instead, we advise you to disembark at Amalfi, where there is a bus stop only 20 meters from the port. Take a SITA bus going towards Sorrento from here.
Seven km after Amalfi, ask the bus driver to let you off at the stop located in our parking lot.

aliscafo.jpg (2896 bytes) Daily ferry transportation from Capri (Marina Grande) to the Amalfi Coast:
Daily ferry boats from Capri (Marina Grande) to Positano or Amalfi.
From Positano with pleasure we could arrange water taxi to the pier below the Onda Verde Hotel.

Ferry schedules from/to Amalfi/Positano/Capri

Coming from Capri
Capri is well connected with the mainland in all seasons, though there tend to be more sailings between April and October. However, you can't return to Naples after about 9.30 PM, so if you want to see an evening concert, you'll have to arrange for hotel accommodations. Ferries, hydrofoils, Seacats, and similar vessels leave from Molo Beverello (below Piazza Municipio) in Naples and from Sorrento's Marina Piccola, while aliscafi (hydrofoils) also sail from the small marina of Mergellina, a short distance west of the Villa Comunale in Naples. For locals in Naples there are restrictions on taking cars onto the island, while non-Italians can move relatively freely. Bear in mind that much of Capri Town is pedestrianized, and a car on the island may well be more of a hindrance than a help.

Caremar offers five hydrofoil departures from Molo Beverello (EUR10.7, with a travel time of 40 minutes) and six ferry departures per day (EUR5.8 high season, with a travel time of 1 hour, 15 minutes). Four ferries leave daily from Sorrento (EUR6, travel time 30 minutes).

Linee Marittime Partenopee offers one to three hydrofoil departures every hour from Sorrento (EUR8, travel time 20 minutes), seven ferries per day from Sorrento (EUR6.5, 50 minutes), and one hydrofoil per day from Ischia (in the morning, EUR12, one hour).

From Naples, Navigazione Libera Del Golfo has roughly one hydrofoil departure per hour (EUR12, travel time 40 minutes). From Easter to October, the company also offers one jetfoil from Positano and Amalfi (approximately EUR12.5, travel time 50 minutes), and one ferry from Positano and Amalfi (EUR10, travel time 1 hour, 20 minutes).

SNAV offers one hydrofoil every hour from Mergellina or Molo Beverello (EUR12, travel time 40 minutes).

Fares & Schedules

Departure schedules are listed every day in several daily papers (Corriere della Sera, Il Mattino, La Repubblica). If you're planning to move on from Capri to Ischia or the Amalfi Coast, there's regular service from May to October. As for ferry costs, there's little to be gained -- sometimes nothing -- from buying a round-trip ticket, which will just tie you down to the return schedule of one line. Book in advance in spring and summer for a Sunday return to the mainland.

Boat & Ferry Information

Caremar (PHONE: 081/5513882 or 081/8370700, Linee Marittime Partenopee (PHONE: 081/8781430 or 081/8071812). Navigazione Libera Del Golfo (PHONE: 081/5527209 hydrofoils from Naples; 089/875092 ferry and hydrofoils from Positano). SNAV (PHONE: 081/7612348).

By Boat to the Amalfi Coast
Headquartered in Naples, the Metro del Mare is an extension of urban public transport -- by sea. Operating since 2002, it connects the northern ports of Bacoli and Pozzuoli to Naples and from there goes to Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi. The service runs from May through October, with three boats a day between Naples and Positano. Check the local papers (Il Mattino or La Repubblica) for timetables or go to A one-way ticket costs EUR10, making it the cheapest way to get around by sea. In addition to this public transport service, many commercial ferries and hydrofoils run year-round, but offer the most trips in high season. To get to smaller towns or to take private boats, you can make arrangements with private boat companies or independent fishermen. Seek out people who are recommended by the tourist office or your hotel.

Headquartered in Amalfi, ferries operated by Linee Maritime Salernitane (a consorzio which includes lines run by Alicost and Metro del Mare) cover the region. Ferries sail from Salerno to Positano (about EUR6); Salerno to Amalfi (EUR5); and Salerno to Capri (EUR11.50). A hydrofoil connects Amalfi to Salerno (EUR5.50); Salerno to Positano (EUR8.50; and Salerno to Capri (EUR13.50). Hydrofoils usually run only in summer, less frequently than ferries. Tickets can be purchased at booths usually located on piers and docks.

In Positano, the ferry and hydrofoil ticket office is on the Spiaggia Grande; ferries to Amalfi, Sorrento, Salerno, and Capri are available at a dock on Via Positanesi d'America, near the public beach in the center of town. Services are provided by Linee Maritime Partenopee and F.lli Grassi, which is located at the pier -- look for the logo depicting a blue-and-white whale.

In Salerno, ferries to Amalfi and Positano leave from the main port at Piazza della Concordia; ferries continuing to Capri and Ischia leave from the west end of the waterfront at Molo Manfredi. A typical schedule is an early-morning departure and a late-afternoon return; the EPT (Ente Provinciale di Turismo, or local tourist board) office has current information, as does the Cooperative Sant'Andrea. Hydrofoil service is available in summer to Amalfi, Positano, Capri, and Sorrento.

In Sorrento, ferries and hydrofoils are operated by Alilauro, Caremar, Linee Lauro, Linee Marittime Partenopee; services -- and fares -- have been stepped up to Capri and there are frequent sailings of a variety of fast and slow craft (hydrofoil EUR8.50, ferry EUR6.50). Sorrento to Naples costs EUR10 and to Ischia Porto EUR12, with Salerno, Amalfi, and Positano served in the summer.

Boat and Ferry Information

Alicost (PHONE: 089/871483). Alilauro (PHONE: 081/8073024). Alilauro-Gruson (PHONE: 081/8071430). Caremar (PHONE: 081/8073077). Linee Maritime Salernitane (PHONE: 089/873301 in Amalfi; 089/811164 in Postiano; 081/8073024 in Sorrento). Positano ferry and hydrofoil ticket office (Via del Brigantino, Italy. PHONE: 089/811986). Travelmar (PHONE: 089/872950).

Ferry schedules from/to Amalfi/Positano/Capri
Orari Aliscafi

Ferries from/to Napoli - Palermo

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