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The following are the normal daily temperature ranges for Campania:

January 40-53°F (4-12°C)
February 41-55°F (5-13°C)
March 44-59°F (6-15°C)
April 48-65°F (9-18°C)
May 54-72°F (12-22°C)
June 61-79°F (16-26°C)
July 65-84°F(18-29°C)
August 65-84°F (18-29°C)
September 61-79°F (16-26°C)
October 54-71°F (12-22°C)
November 48-63°F (9-17°C)
December 44-56°F (6-14°C)

Relative distances from the Hotel
Positano Km 7
Amalfi Km 7
Ravello Km 12
Sorrento Km 18
Ercolano Km 41
Pompei Km 35
Paestum Km 70
Napoli Km 60
Castellammare di Stabia Km 33
Vietri Sul Mare Km 35
Capri Miglia 12

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Exchanging Money
ATM machines provide the quickest currency exchange. Hotels have the worst exchange rate but are convenient for small change and last-minute needs.
Banca d'America e d'Italia (Via della Rep. Marinare 15, PHONE: 089/873050); Banco di Napoli with cash machine (Piazza Duomo, PHONE: 089/871005).
Capri Town
Banca d'America e d'Italia (Via Cristoforo Colombo 69, PHONE: 089/875012); Ufficio Cambi (Piazza dei Mulini, PHONE: 089/875864).
Banca Popolare di Salerno (Via Roma 15, PHONE: 089/857872); Ufficio Cambi Spot (Via Roma 38, PHONE: 089/858086).
Ufficio Cambi Via Luigi de Maio 21), open daily 9 AM-10:30 PM. The Sorrento Post Office (C. Italia 210, PHONE: 081/8781636) has better rates than town banks.

International Calls
Since hotels tend to overcharge, sometimes exorbitantly, for long-distance and international calls, it is best to make such calls from public phones, using telephone cards. You can make collect calls from any phone by dialing 172-1011, which will get you an English-speaking operator. Rates to the United States are lowest on Sundays and between 10 PM and 8 AM (Italian time) Monday-Saturday.
From major Italian cities, you can place a direct call to the United States by reversing the charges or using your phone credit card number. When calling from pay telephones, insert a 1 euro coin that will be returned upon completion of your call. You automatically reach an operator in the country of destination and thereby avoid all language difficulties.
The country code is 1 for the United States and Canada, 61 for Australia, 64 for New Zealand, and 44 for the United Kingdom.

Public Phones
Some pay phones accept only carte telefoniche (calling cards).
Prepaid carte telefoniche are prevalent throughout Italy and more convenient than coins. You buy the card (values vary - 5,00 euro, 10,00 euro, etc.) at post offices, tobacconists, most news stalls, and bars. Tear off the corner of the card and insert it into the slot. When you dial, its value appears in the window. After you hang up, the card is returned so you can use it until its value runs out. The Time Europa phone card (30 euro) is a good-value card to use to call Europe and the United States for only 0,30 Euro per minute during peak hours, although conventional phone cards remain cheaper when used Monday-Saturday between 10 PM and 8 AM and on Sunday.