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Excursions and Activities in Amalfi Coast

Apart from enjoying the sun and the sea, the Hotel Onda Verde offers an ample choice of other activities:
Plan your sightseeing activities so you don't miss any of the fun and exciting tourist attractions that Amalfi Coast has to offer.

English guided tours with pick-up from the Hotel are organized by local travel agencies who make available their professional services and guide assistance.

From the beach "La Praia" at the foot of Hotel Onda Verde they organize:
Private boat trips with sailors during the day and the night, shuttles to the fascinating small beaches blessed by the sun, and also rental of rowboats, motorboats, canoes, pedal-boats, rafts and speedboats.

At your disposal the Hotel Onda Verde is honored to offer you an assistance to make reservations for these excursions directly from the Hotel front desk - you don't need to make reservations in advance.


Ferry Boat "Positano Jet"

Among all of the excursions that you could choose to enjoy while visiting the Amalfi Coast, Capri is the most beautiful, a dream which will repeat itself in your reality. After a tranquil breakfast enjoying the early morning sun from our terrace, you will board the ferry at the pier below the hotel. This cruise operates every day with departure at 9.00 a.m. and is unique in many ways from other Capri trips that you may see. On the route to Capri you can admire the breathtaking coastline of Praiano, Positano, the natural reserve of Punta Campanella and the islands of Li Galli, famous for being the home of the famous Sirens of Ulysses, and in more recent times the famous Russian ballet dancer Rudolph Nurejev.

Soft drinks will be served on board. Once we reach the Faraglioni rocks, probably the most scenic place in Capri, we will stop for a relaxing swim in the beautiful waters of the nearby Green Cave and White Cave. The tour of the island will allow you to discover and fully appreciate the coast of Capri; the Natural Arch, Villa Malaparte, Marina Piccola. We will also stop for a visit in the famous Blue Grotto, known throughout the world and visited every year by thousands of tourists. The cave, which is characterized by an incredible blue color of the water, was used as a private swimming pool by the Roman emperors who had their summer residences on the island.
Arrival and disembarkation at the port of Marina Grande approx. 12.00 o'clock and free time for visiting the island until 4 o'clock.

Ticket fee € 70.00 - every day

Excursion by sea on the Amalfi Coast

Destination the beautiful Amalfitan Coast!

Ferry Boat "Positano Jet"Departures: 10.30 am return 13.30

The fjord of Furore is the first jewel of our trip with the old fishermen's village, recently restored. From the bridge above a yearly international diving contest takes place. We will then make a stop for a visit at the enchanting Emerald grotto. (entrance extra 6.00 euro). On our way to Amalfi you will see the Cape of Conca with its Saracen tower. An ancient watchtower built in the sixteenth-century by the viceroy of Naples, Pedro de Toledo, to defend the territory against invasions by the Turks.The Marina di Conca became popular in the sixties and seventies when it hosted many celebrities, most notable Gianni Agnelli, Sofia Loren, Princess Margaret of England and Jacqueline Kennedy, who in 1961 when returning from a visit in Ravello, made a stop here for a swim. And it is here, near a natural arch, that we also stop for a swim. We move on to Amalfi and further on to the small town of Atrani, from where we make our return to Marina di Praia.

Ticket fee € 40.00 .

Emerald Grotto Tour

Ferry Boat "Positano Jet"

departures: 11,00 am return 12.00 / 2.00pm return 3.00

Transfer to the Emerald cave through the fjord of Furore. Located in the town of Conca dei Marini, the Emerald cave was discovered by the fisherman Luigi BUonocore in 1932. Refracted sunlight entering the cavern through the opening gives the water its characteristic glow during daylight hours. It is about 24 m. high and has many stalactites and stalagmites , wich in some parts are joined together to form massive columns.


Pompeii - Pick-up from the hotel at 7:30 AM - Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday -
Price per person: € 60,00
Whole day tour: escorted by guide and by deluxe motorcoach.
Pompeii was destroyed by de eruption of Mont Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and buried by a seven meters thick lay of lapilli and ash. The visit to the ruins will give the opportunity to see many artifacts well preserved which still now prove the prosperity of this town in the past. After the visit, optional lunch in a Restaurant and the excursion to the Vesuvius by bus up to 3.000 feet and on foot to the crater for the visit with local authorized guide. A visit to a cameos and corals factory will take place before the return journey.


Sorrento Pick-up from the Hotel at 7:30 AM every Tuesday.
Price per person: € 65.00
Departure from the Hotel by GT Bus, driving along the untamed beauty of the Amalfi Coast, through the picturesque villages of Conca dei Marini, Furore and Praiano. Photo stop at the famous Belvedere in Positano. Arrival in Sorrento and visit to an inlaid wood-work shop, the typical Sorrentine production. Free time to discover the beauties of Sorrento: In the lanes of the old city centre, still untouched in spite of the progress and mass tourism, have survived churches and ancient monasteries, keepers of valuable memories. Centuries old palaces and Durazzo portals evidence the splendour of the noble families of Sorrento. Via S. Cesareo, the lively "decumanus", is the beating heart of the town, with its many-coloured shops, where tourists from every part of the world crowd. But the real architectonic jewel of the town is the fourteenth century Cloister of San Francesco, with crossed tuff arches of Arabian derivation, where the traditional concerts of the "Estate Musicale Sorrentina" take place. Optional lunch. In the early afternoon departure to Herculaneum, a residential town buried in ashes by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 a.D. Guided visit to the archaeological excavations. Herculaneum was destroyed along with Pompeii in 79 AD, and was rediscovered in 1709. Il was e residential town without Pompeii's commercial importance, surrounded by the villas of wealthy Romans.Wben the catastrophe of 79 AD occurred, Herculaneum was buried by a torrent of mud that hardened into a soft tufa (a kind of course rock) that preserved many of the wooden parts of houses and household objects which can be seen today. A large portion of old Herculaneum is still buried under the modern town and even today excavations are going on to discover what treasures lie buried under the rock. Return in hotel in the afternoon.



Pick-up from the Hotel at 7:30 AM every Thursday.
Adult Price: € 60.00.
Leave the hotel by coach to Paestum. Visit to the archaeological site: Paestum has been for a thousand years a romantic ruin in the midst of a solemn wilderness. Its Doric temples, hardly surpassed even by those of Athens in noble simplicity and good preservation, produce an incomparable effect of majesty and grandeur. The ancient site is set in a grassy field surrounded by gardens and hills. Although the site is small, it's so charming that you may want to spend time just relaxing here. and to the exceptional museum, that holds finds excavated from the site and around, including a set of archaic period Greek metopes. Here you will find the tomb paintings, one of which, the so-called "Tomb of the Diver", is a graceful and expressively naturalistic piece of work, the only existing example of Greek wall painting in Italy. Return to the hotel in the afternoon.

Entrance Fees Not Included - To be paid locally **