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"Paradise In Amalfi,"
The Amalfi Coast is a scenic and relaxing place for a romantic vacation or honeymoon.

Paradise In Amalfi
By Fiona Saiter

Imagine a breathtaking, romantic, relaxing place where houses and hotels cling to cliff edges hundreds of feet above the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.The fragrant vegetation is brilliantly tropical: palm trees, olive, orange and lemon groves dot gardens along the coast. The bright pink Bougainvillea climb wire fences, contrasting beautifully with the Sea.

It is paradise and it does exist, perfect for a vacation or honeymoon. The Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy is one of the most amazing places that I have ever visited, with friendly people, great seafood, and adventure.

All along the Amalfi Coast you will find pretty hotels perched on cliff edges offering spectacular views.

One beautiful hotel that my husband and I visited on our honeymoon was Hotel Onde Verde in Praiano; it had large rooms, massive balconies and amazing views of the Sea.

Our balcony had huge terra-cotta pots full of flowers, striped chairs where we spent hours relaxing watching bobbing fishing boats and the cliffs melt into the sea.

The Milano family managed the hotel and they made our stay enjoyable. The hotel had a dining room with a wall of windows and sliding glass doors that were opened letting the sea breeze in. We enjoyed many wonderful meals and no matter where we sat we had an amazing view. The dinners consisted of several Italian courses with mouth watering fresh fish, pasta and Gnocchi for my husband. In the afternoon we would often sit outside under umbrellas to have a meal or refreshing drink.

We spent our days on the beach just a short walk from the hotel. At lunch it was a short distance to several restaurants. Before we left Amalfi we visited a 500-year- old lighthouse really close to the hotel. The lighthouse was the studio for artist Paolo Sandulli. Mr. Sandulli happily showed us his artwork. He sold many different paintings and we purchased a memorable print of the view from his lighthouse to the hotel, sea and cliff edges. He even painted a tour bus in the distance going through a tunnel. As we left we saw his pet goat called, "goatee."

There are some really interesting places to visit in the Amalfi area. You can visit Capri, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other tourist spots by rental car, or the hotel offers excursions throughout the week.

The Island of Capri can be visited in a day trip on the Positano Jet from the Hotel Onde Verde and it is worth it.

I would definitely suggest visiting Pompeii or Herculaneum; both ancient cities were destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius thousands of years ago. While in Pompeii or Herculaneum you can visit the city, view surviving artifacts, colorful frescos, and even bodies preserved by ash, showing fearful last few moments of life. The vibrant colored frescos that still exists on wall and showed the wealth of some of the families.

For the nightlife you won't want to miss the Club Africana; it will probably be the most memorable nightclub that you will ever visit. My husband and I were stunned when we first saw the nightclub built inside a cliff and it is only a very short walking distance from the hotel to the Club Africana. We could not believe our eyes as we approached the club: fish were being lifted in a giant net that spanned the entire length of the lighted club. As we walked in the door spaghetti was served by a man in a rowboat at the front of the club. The inside of the club was the actual cliff edges as if we were inside of a cave. My husband and I noticed a nice boat docking outside Club Africana. As we approached the dance floor we saw large round Plexiglas circles showing an aquarium of bright coral and fish below. You might think after all the surprises we couldn't find anything more to stun us but we did. We went down two sets of stairs one on either side of the club. On the one side was a fish aquarium with bright coral. On the other side we saw stalactites and the stalagmites. The club played 80's music, but they also sometimes showed performances on stage. Many famous people including John F. Kennedy have visited, Club Africana. The unique Club Africana is fascination and impressive.

The Amalfi coast is perfect for a honeymoon or a relaxing vacation in many of the hotels, but Hotel Onde Verde is recommended. Enjoy the beauty of the area, swim, sunbathe, visit many of the attractions and for a lively night visit the Club Africana: You will come back home knowing you have visited a piece of paradise.

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Fiona Saiter is a freelance writer and frequent traveler from Ohio. She has had several pieces published including a movie review on Miscellaneous Ramblings website and a self help article, "Healing Yourself and Others Through Positive Action," after September 11, on